I was recently commissioned to design a set of five creative brand characters for MyToys, the largest kids' brand in the German-speaking area in Europe.
The brief was to design a set of characters that could be used to express the MyToys core value: 'Joy' across all brand platforms. With this framework in mind, I designed five different modifiable characters with fun, curious and joyous personalities. 
The characters are based on simple shapes that create a backdrop for various expressions, moods and themes. The limited color palette creates a simplified feel and increases  brand recognisability.
The five characters created a basis for an extensive illustration library. I created 96 different expressions and moods with the characters to serve the brand's various communication needs in different seasons and platforms.
The overall MyToys brand renewal was executed by the fantastic team at the Berlin-based design agency Strichpunkt.
I also created set of 23 brand icons in matching style to the characters to be used on the MyToys website and communications materials.
Art Direction and Branding: Strichpunkt Berlin
Client: MyToys
Illustrator: Leena Kisonen

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