Hello! I'm Leena and I'm a Graphic Artist from Finland.

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Holiday illustrations for Refinery29
Literacy is a Civic Skill
Spread Kindness
Poster for Culture of Solidarity
Around the World
2021 Calendar illustrations for Putinki Helsinki
We are all made of stars
Poster for Fine Acts
Cosy home life
Illustration and Cover Art for M2 Magazine
Animal Friends
Cover Art for My Little Tiger
Art Education
Brochure for the City of Espoo
Flower Power
Stickers for Snapchat
New Home
Editorial illustration for M2 magazine
Memory Christmas
Xmas campaign for Meitetsu Nagoya
Xmas 2019
Seasonal illustrations for Putinki
Japanese handkerchiefs
Textile illustrations for Swimmie
Scandinavian City
Rug Design for Oka
La Pâtisserie
French pastry illustrations and infographics
Eating together
Editorial illustration for M2 magazine
Work Open
Sticker set for Atlassian
Finland Independence Day
Animation for Snapchat
Ecological lifestyle
Editorial illustration for M2 magazine
2020 in Months
Seasonal illustrations for a wall calendar
International Women's Day 2019
Sticker Design for Google
Editorial illustration for Blue Wings
Hakola Christmas Card
Seasonal design for a Finnish furniture brand
Kids' Design Week
Visuals for Helsinki Design Week's kids' programme
Big Fruit
T-shirt graphics
May Day
Animation for Snapchat
Pattern design for a Japanese cosmetics company
Editorial Illustration
Cover and opening spread for M2 magazine
Girls & More
Illustrated female characters
Inside Intercom
Blog illustration for an American software company
Sweet Japan
Wallpaper stickers for Made of Sundays
The Gang
Installation for The Finnish Association of Illustrators
Gift Wraps for Lagom Design
Pattern design for a British paper products maker
Editorial illustration
Covers and opening spreads for M2 magazine
Fluffy and Friends
Sticker Set for Google
Pastel Forest
Illustration series for paper products
Hugs Not Ughs
Lettering for Papyrus
Spring Carnival
Solo Show for Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg
Flower Box
Illustration for Japanese cookie packaging
Sweets & Violets
Patterns for a Paper Shop
Pattern design for gift wraps
Xmas Party
Artwork for a party invitation
Night time
Digital sticker pack for Blinks
BluePrint Kombucha
Illustration for kombucha beverages
Helsinki Seasons
Window display for Institut Finlandais in Paris
Kanda Shapes
Installation for an arts centre in Tokyo
Pattern design for a textile collection
Fika Scandinavian Shop
Pattern design for Japanese pastry shop
Ice Cream Parlour
Window display for a pop-up shop
The Catch
Window display for a shoe boutique
Cover illustration for a banking magazine
Solo exhibition in Japan
Flowers, fruit and a butterfly
Art print
Pattern for a credit card
Black Forest
Art Print
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